Kalinjar Fort

 Historical Fort in Bundelkhand, India 

About Kalinjar Fort

The capital of Bundelkhand!

the medieval history wonder of chandelas invites you!

Kalinjar occupies a very important place of pride in the history of India. Many decisive battles were fought for the possession of this strategically located fort in ancient, medieval and modern times, but military aspect alone does not exhaust the importance of Kalinjar. The place is also a symbol of cultural and religious glory. This panorama of Kalinjar is marked by the famous temple of ageless Neelkantha, the tallest 'Kala Bhairava' image and number of high class sculptures in and around, and artistic friezes strewn throughout the length and breadth of the site and ranging from the Gupta period of the time of Chadellas. Kalinjar can further boast the of a vast wealth of epigraphic material as also possibly of even pre-gupta structures and cultural assemblage embedded under the collapsed debris of the western escarpment of the mountain where the famous Neelkantha temple stands.


" ABODE OF LORD SHIVA.... ".  -Kurma Purana

" Whoever bathes in the lake of the gods in Kalanjar acquires the same merit as if he had made a gift of 1000 cows. ".  - Mahabharata

" One of the nine holy places in Northern India. (Renuka, Sukara, Kasi, Kali, Kala, Bateswarah, Kalanjara, Mahakala, Ukhala nava Kirttnah) ". - Padma Purana

"The fort of Kalinjar which was celebrated throughout the world for being as strong as the wall of Alexander.". - Sir Alexander Cunningham, 1969 P25

"Kalinjar fort was unparalleled in the whole of Hindustan for strength". - Nizamuddin

" Koti-Tirth: Leprosy place of pilgrimage, where lepers are cured by bathing. "..

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